Rapa Boya - Hakkımızda Rapa Boya - Hakkımızda

About Us

Rapa Paint; delivers it’s experience and know-how on paint production to customers with paint factory since 2013. We manufacture water-based interior, exterior paints, primers, varnishes, epoxy paints, furniture groups and all kinds of decorative paints which are rising in recent years and it comes with importation in large quantities. We are adopting ourselves as a principle which is exporting to foreign countries by producing decorative paints and transforming them into Turkish brands.

Our Mission

To bring a new breath to the water-based paint sector, due to the different expectations, become classical and demand requirements over time, bringing modern and extraordinary products to meet our valued customers, to remove people from the paint color in order to only paint their walls, to bring aesthetic and frigidity to all masses with our trade mark. Furthermore, in recognition of the fact that decorative paints are an obstacle to its widespread use due to the high cost of imports, eliminate this situation with domestic production and to increase the utilization rate.

Our Vision

As Rapa Paint our vision; To adopt production, development and innovation as a principle, to combine these qualities with customer satisfaction, without sacrificing quality and environmental policies, to select the main target to contribute to the country's economy thanks to the added value it provides, at the same time in region, country and outside the borders of the country to make respectable and preferable.